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What A Long Strange Trip Itís Been: A Hippyís History Of The 60s & Beyond 
Item #GD01
Lewis Sanders unleashes a steady stream of observations and theories concerning the recent history of our political system that begins with John Kennedy and ends with Bush.  He firmly grabs the readerís passion and doesnít let go until the blood begins to boil with anger with unrelenting, biting prose in the style of Paul Krassner or the late Abbie Hoffman.  Heís done his research, injected plenty of witty personal insights, and tied it together in a freewheeliní style that makes him extremely personable. Throughout, he reminds us of recent atrocities, lies, and cover-ups from our elected officials. Itís a sad commentary on our hectic culture, when we tend to allow our memories to fade on such important crimes. We need writers such as Lewis to rekindle those emotions, so we donít lose sight that our elected government officials, from the President down to a small-town dogcatcher, arenít royalty, but, instead, are there to serve us.  If thereís a lesson to be learned in this easy-to-read history book, itís we must police those decision-makers we elect because every move they make affects our lives.  Recent events are proof enough that our best interest is not always the first thing on their minds.  $14.00

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