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   In November 2003 the Merry Pranksters were be out "on the bus" in full force to do a semi-local tour to promote 2 new books. . . and just have fun!!!  Published by Viking Press will be "Kesey's Jail Journal" by Ken Kesey, and "Spit In The Ocean # 7, All About Kesey."  .....We hit Eugene right during the Kesey Symposium,  then we hit Portland, and then we took the bus all the way to the Bay Area.  So keep checking back, I will have more information as it comes.

OK... HERE IT IS.....
The updated edition of the

The Pranksters, the bus, the books, readings, remembrances, booksignings, a show, a prank or two....and who knows what else will happen? Our first meeting to plan the festivities is/was help Sunday Sept. 21st at the bus barn!

Eugene, Thursday Nov. 13, 7:00 pm  Tsunami Bookstore, 2585 Willamette St.

Eugene, Friday Nov. 14th  1:00  Unveiling the Kesey Statue in downtown Mall

Eugene, Saturday Nov. 15, 2pm, presentation at Kesey Symposium, University of Oregon - Erb Memorial Union.

Portland, Sunday, Nov. 16, 5:00 pm, Powell's Bookstore, to be held at the Baghdad Theatre across the street from the Powell's store on Hawthorne Ave.

Ashland, Monday,  Southern Oregon University campus TBA (noonish?)

San Francisco, Wed. Nov. 19, 7:00 pm, Booksmith, 1644 Haight St.

Sebastopol, CA  Thurs. Nov. 20, 7 pm--Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St.

Mountain View, CA (just south of Palo Alto), Friday Nov. 21, 7:30 pm, Books Inc. Bookstore, 301 Castro St.

Berkeley, CA, Sat. Nov. 22, Cody's bookstore, 8:00 pm, 2454 Telegraph Ave.

Ed McClanahan (an original Merry Prankster and fellow writer from Ken's Stanford Class) will be performing solo events to promote the books:
Sat. Nov. 8 (all day)--Kentucky Book Fair, Frankfort, KY
Fri. Dec. 19, 7 pm--Black Swan Books, Lexington, KY (with Wendell Berry)


Yes, it is true, the most asked for Grateful Dead movie is finally going to be released (I think).  I have just been on the phone with Sam Fields (the owner) and have received an update.  He has finished re-editing using a clean transfer from the original footage.  I have seen some of it and the color and clarity is amazing.  Now he is waiting for the Dead’s approval to make it into a DVD with out-takes and extra footage.     But...WAIT, it seems that he hopes to take it to a theater near you first.  That’s right, it will hit the road and appear at “happenings” at your local big screen....WOW, maybe even bring the Pranksters and Bus! Although this will delay the long awaited DVD release of the flick, I think it is worth it to get a chance to see it with a crowd of fans, dancing in the isles. So...keeps your eyes open and cross your fingers...Sunshine Daydream is coming (and, of course....I will keep you posted).





Every year we gather on top of Mt. Pisgah, next to the Farm.  Many have already joined throughout the years... It is a spiritual hike and a wonderful view of the valley.  Dad always considered the top of this mountain a meeting place to find each other after death…really! He writes of it often in his stories, my brother Jed even has a memorial on top.  As always I invite all to join, but this year is when we see if he remembers his afterlife meeting place?  And…it's my birthday! We will try to bring Further (weather permitting) and it might be able to escort people from one side to the other.  Hope to see you there…Never get off the bus….




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